Meet Karina & Ed, founders and designers of KB5 Design Studio. 

Go for WOW


Dedicated father, husband, and landscape designer to the stars, Ed Bowlby is the Sun to Karina’s Moon, the half of KB5 that represents love in nature and all things vibrant in our natural landscapes.

Ed’s vision for colorful, sacred geometrical designs drives  landscaping projects to transform common spaces into fantastical sanctuaries. 

His love and passion in his designs stems from the love and passion he has for his wife and partner in design, Karina…


Our philosophy

We believe in the power of us. Our lifestyle and artistic expressions have led us to a prosperous and content life full of love. We wish to share our energies with others through our collaborative designs. 

We believe that there are levels to people’s lives that become buried in the monotony of daily life. As people get older the colors begin to fade from their environments and imaginations become dormant. 

We believe that we can bring color and vibrancy back into people’s lives by transforming their environments, celebrating their bodies, and immersing them in creativity. 


The Moon to Ed’s Sun, Karina Konupek is the artistic director and soul of KB5. She is an established Los Angeles artist who not only achieved her dream of becoming a successful artist, she did it all while co-raising 3 beautiful kids. Her momma-bear instincts add focus, care, and attention to detail with her work. 

Karina radiates a full spectrum of color into each and every design. Her keen sense of artistic vision allows her to create just about anything you can imagine. From living art installations, murals, paintings, body art, and more, Karina’s talents know no boundaries. 


Designing for others is one of the ways that we believe people can benefit from our services. We wish to connect and influence people through our vision and lifestyle. 

Our new direction with KB5 Design Studios is to create a conversation with the community to enhance everyone’s  daily life. We will be sharing our life philosophies on different platforms such as IG and our Podcast, “Wine with a side of…” where we talk about life, love, art, and business. 

We hope to make a difference in our community whether it’s one’s backyard sanctuary, artistic stimulations, or our stories. 

We are always grateful for the abundance and love we receive on this journey.