Artistic Design Services

Creative director, Karina’s artistic style is inspired by a strong sense of bold color application, texture, realism, and whimsy. Her painting skills have brought opportunities to amaze clients and spectators displayed anywhere from wall murals to bodies!  Her portfolio is an eclectic collection of professional commissions, commercial work, immersive art installations, wall installations, murals, window painting, body painting, costume design, temporary tattoo designs, face painting, interior design, as well as intuitive services with home readings and life coaching sessions.  

    Her keen artistic eye also lends to her ability to create just about anything you can imagine.

Color your world

Karina is an artist that follows her intuitive sense and helps others express their true colors. She reads your needs and paints a colorful artistic solution to any project. 

Her range of abilities in painting, interior design, and concept allow for her clients to explore their inner creative side to add color to your world.

Artistic Design Galleries

Dive in and explore the many mediums and projects featured in Karina’s portfolio galleries. From make-up to murals, Karina’s creative vision allows her to create expressive and unique works of art for her clientele. 

Make-Up Design

Featured in productions and publications, view the body, face, and maternity make-up galleries that have gone viral by award winning make-up artist, Karina.


Painting Design

Murals, window art, and projects that bring imaginations to set the stage for productions, events, and businesses.


Creative Design

With immersive installations, costuming, crafts, and more, the intuitive creativity of KB5 explores many artistic solutions for the most imaginative of clients.