Explore the limitless possibilities of the creative minds of KB5. 

There is no limit to the possibilities of creative design from the KB5 team. Ed and Karina have a special eye for unique projects and how to transfrom one’s imagination into a reality. 


The KB5 team is always creating. Known for their main passions of painting and planting, KB5 also incorporates their eye for design across a wide variety of mediums. Clients from all over reach out to Karina to paint, build, sew, and design their expressive desires and they deliver on unique and creative solutions to the most common imaginative problems. 

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Face Make-up

Explore the many faces of the professional face make-up portfolio of Karina @artisitcLA


Maternity Make-up

Celebrate your pregnancy with maternity belly paintings explore the beautiful techniques for belly painting. 

@amandarowanimagery @artisticLA

Artistic Design

View the home page of the many mediums and services offered from the imagination of Karina of KB5 Design Studio.