Re-imagine spaces and add character to any project with paintings by Karina. 

A local legend for her mural designs, Karina has been recognized as one of the top artists for large scale paintings for businesses and productions throughout Los Angeles. 

Paint it...

Karina’s skills for painting whimsical and realistic scenes have attracted fans and followers who anxiously awaiting her next display. Local businesses enjoy her work regularly to enhance shop windows and add seasonal charm to the neighborhood. Her paintings have also caught the attention of top producers in TV & Film to be featured for set designs and is now a regular for some of the most creative studios in the area. 

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Face Make-up

Explore the many faces of the professional face make-up portfolio of Karina @artisitcLA


Maternity Make-up

Celebrate your pregnancy with maternity belly paintings explore the beautiful techniques for belly painting. 


Artistic Design

View the home page of the many mediums and services offered from the imagination of Karina of KB5 Design Studio.