Embrace your body as a canvas

Karina is one of the top published, award winning make-up artists in Los Angeles for over 15 years. You have seen her work before;  featured in music videos working along side artists like Beyonce, winning the ColorPop ‘Crafty AF’ award, and you’ve seen her work on the intro for Skin Wars just to name a few. Her viral work is recognized for her natural skill, excellent craftsmanship, and attention for detail with every body make-up project she designs. She has become a trusted name in the industry and her high profile clients keep coming back for more which is why Karina is now one of the top booking artists for body make-up in Los Angeles. 


Celebrate the human body in a colorful and expressive way. From corporate events, media, tv, and film production, to Halloween fun; Karina has been at the forefront of LA’s top body make-up artists, being invited to work on some of entertainment’s top influencers and corporations such as Sephora, Paramount Pictures, The Food Network, Skin Wars, Heinz, Disney, Beyonce, and more. She was an instructor for RuPaul’s “Fresh Paint” and a leader for her team at Artistic LA, Karina has been an artist and influencer in the body make-up art community, setting the standard for body paint in the industry.



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Face Make-up

Explore the many faces of the professional face make-up portfolio of Karina @artisitcLA

@haykatomtsphotography @artisticLA

Maternity Make-up

Celebrate your pregnancy with maternity belly paintings explore the beautiful techniques for belly painting. 

Amanda Rowan Photography @amandarowanimagery
@amandarowanimagery @artisticLA

Artistic Design

View the home page of the many mediums and services offered from the imagination of Karina of KB5 Design Studio.


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