Landscape Services

KB5 Design offers a full service design and build relationship. With our design in place we coordinate with our contractor partners to install your project under our onsite supervision. Our clients enjoy the experience of our team handling all phases of the transformation from start to finish.

Inspired by flow and functionality, our highly talented designer, Ed, and our creative director, Karina, work together to see the possibilities of designs the moment they are invited to your space. After the KB5 team reads your space, listening to your desires and needs, Ed creates a symbiotic plan to transform any space into a sanctuary while Karina helps to read the feng shui and color schemes to enhance the energy of your space.

    Explore eco-friendly and Xeriscape landscaping with a team that cares about every detail with their own hands.

Living art Sanctuaries

Have you heard the term “Landscape Whisperer” ?

That explains our talented landscape designer, Ed. With Karina’s artistic direction and his natural vision for space, he and Karina visualize the possibilities of space from the moment they are invited in. They listen to the desires and needs of their clients and create an organic design based on how they read the space. This vision manifests with their collaborative intuition and Ed renders design options. Usually, Ed’s style is so trusted, a physical rendering is not needed and an inspired, functional, and installable plan is set into place. 

Landscape Design

The KB5 team reads the flow and energy of their client’s spaces, and together, create a holistic transformation of living landscape art paired with intuitive interior/ exterior design to reflect the owner’s needs and imaginative desires .

The aesthetic values read and colorized by Karina paired with Ed’s vision of how a space’s potential can vibrate on another level with the owner and their family is the formula for success and satisfaction from all of their clients. 

View some of the carefully selected plants and decorative elements help to build personal sanctuaries at home and for businesses that provide a space for higher quality living and productivity. 

Transformation Gallery

From plain and basic to home oasis, KB5 Landscaping Designer, Ed, has been helping homeowners make their dream homes come true!

View the amazing collection of 'before and after' photos of some of the best transformations of Ed's design projects over the years.