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A Design Team with Heart

Inspired by the love between two intuitive souls, KB5 Design Studio utilizes limitless outlets to express creativity while remaining connected with functionality.

KB5 Design offers creative solutions for your life . Your life is the environment your create; your sacntuary is where you express yourself, create comfort and regeneration. This includes your Exterior envirnoment as well as  your Internal environment. 

All our clients have to do is decide on which intuitive design expresses their dream into reality. Then they enjoy the experience of this team managing ALL aspects of their transformation; from start to finish, including Hardscape, Landscape, Lighting, Color expertise and often inutitve coaching along the way.

At the design studio, your are invited to step in and experience an “otherworldly” environment. Reminding your soul to take the time to create  your version of this experience in your personal space. Karina and Ed channel inspiration through their deep connection with each other, the laws of nature and Mother Earth. With passionate hearts, they design to help people live in their best vision of themselves.

Karina and Ed have combined their many talents to bring the community a collective resource of skills that can execute your imagination’s visions. Their magnetic personalities and eye for high-level details have made them a sought-after design team.

KB5 specializes in landscape design, interior plant scapes, staging, intuitive coaching, color expertise, murals, installations, artistic services, and so much more.

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Artistic Director of KB5 Design Studio, Karina, uses her channeling gifts to create vibrant and personal designs; using many mediums to help her clients color their world. View the galleries of some of her many talents!

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