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“The BUZZ” is a creative geek’s nerdy playground, offering immersive experiences in art, energy, and sensory exercises, along with brain-enhancing activities. It serves as a haven for a digital detox and mental reset; providing a space to de-stress and boost happy chemicals in the body. The venue caters to small group experiences, unique outings, and parties, offering team-building services or hosting workshops. All our activities can be customized to match the event you imagine and ideally suited for 18+ yrs old.

Additionally, “The BUZZ” provides healing and intuitive sessions for individuals, animals, business consulting, modern feng shui and color expertise, adding a holistic dimension to the services we offer.

Located at KB5 Design Studio

3412 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505
Thursday – Saturday

*Keep an eye out for our special hosted events and Pop-Ups

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Come Play

“The BUZZ” is not just a safe creative haven but a playground for the soul; offering immersive experiences in art, energy, and brain-enhancing activities. Whether you’re participating with a small group, organizing a unique event for your date, or seeking a solo adventure, “The BUZZ” welcomes you to explore, play, and find inspiration in your own way. Engage in crafts, attend dynamic workshops, and experience healing sessions; all within a vibrant community hub that fosters creativity, individual growth, and a sense of belonging. Come reset, recharge, and unleash your creative spirit!

puzzles and games at the buzz burbank

Brain Games

Activate your brain through puzzle-solving, word searches, and memory exercises.

Art Exercises

Stimulate your artistic side through prompts, project, & games.

Learn about Energy Flow

Energy Flow

Learn about energy fields, and figure out how your energy does (or doesn’t) flow.

Sensory Play Station at the BUZZ Burbank

Sensory Play

Connect the brain and body with simple sensory exercises.


Take time out in “The Cave” to relax, refresh, and recenter.

Makeup station for rent Burbank in Magnolia Park

Makeup Art

Practice your makeup application in a welcoming space.

Our Story

The essence of ‘The BUZZ’ emerges from a deeply personal journey, rooted in love and loss. Fueled by the profound impact of witnessing my own mother and mother-in-law navigate life with unexplored potential and without play! This sanctuary is born from a heartfelt desire to rewrite the narratives of fear and self-doubt. In their memory, ‘The BUZZ’ becomes a refuge for creative souls yearning to rediscover joy, embracing the transformative power of creativity, energy, couriosity and cognitive vitality. It’s more than a business; it’s a tribute, an invitation to break free from the shackles of mere survival and embrace a life rich with play, growth, and profound healing.

Studio Rental

Our Studio is the Perfect space for small productions, intimate gatherings/ celebrations, Art Showcasing or Workshops. And a makeup station also available for Makeup Artists.

900 Square Feet is available for half day or full day rental. All furnishing are easy to remove or rearrange if you need an unfurnished space.

Amenities: Bathroom, Refrigerator, Convetion oven, Keurig, Central Air, Wifi and Water fountains.

(818) 433-7436